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When a giant bird visits Mumbai secrets buried for 300 years will be revealed



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For enthusiasts of history sci fi and innovative technologies this book promises an engaging and immersive reading experience weaving together strands of the past and future in a tapestry of intrigue and adventure Goodreads review
The extensive research done for this book is evident from the plot and it is so well developed Goodreads review
The book had everything to keep me entertained It was a mix of mystery suspense fantasy and adventure Goodreads review
About the author
Born in Mumbai and raised near Delhi Arnav Bhardwaj was fascinated by historical legends and mysteries as a regular visitor to the various historical monuments in India As an undergraduate from the Indian Institute of Technology IIT Roorkee he is also passionate about the wide possibilities offered by science and technology Growing up he often noticed a strong rivalry between the sciences and the arts but felt that there was a lot of potential by combining the two His love for detective mysteries science fiction and historical legends is reflected in his debut novel The Bird That Ruled Bombay